Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 PA+++

Sigh I'm sorry for nearly abandoning this blog. I had the best of intentions. I read that's one of the things white people do on stuff white people like. Since I am only half white I decided to only half abandon my blog. At any rate, I finally decided to try this sunscreen. It has been sitting in my cabinet, beckoning to me. I had been using the lancome UV expert with Mexoryl, trying to be good and use it up. It's a good sunscreen in it's own right but not super cosmetically elegant. I must admit here that I am a sunscreen freak. I use it everyday without fail. It's part of my routine. I believe I have found a winner here. This is a great matte sunscreen. I know that alot of people have really preferred the old SPF 55 formula, saying this is greasier. I can only assume the 55 was like rainbows and unicorns dancing on your face because this is pretty good stuff. It does go on a bit oily but it soaked in VERY quickly for me so that was not an issue. I do have an oilier skin particularly during the summer which is very unforgiving in Texas. I wish it had a higher PPD rating (the measure of UVA/Anti-aging protection for you non-sunscreen geeks) but other than that it's dreamy! I love how lightweight it is. I find the smell pleasant. Just be aware you do have to shake it well or else you will end up with a handful of oil. I noticed it was all oil coming up when I squeezed that bottle to smell it. (everyone does that right?) This is my first time around with it so I cannot speak to breakouts but will certainly update if need be. It doesn't however seem to cause any irritation, although I am not typically sensitive so did not anticipate any.

Note: After talking to my friend who works at Lancome the UV expert will be replaced with a new Bienfait liquid sunscreen. To compete with Shiseido I assume. It will no longer contain Mexoryl so my concern is that it will not maintain the same level of UVA protection. I don't know why they took out the mexoryl after going to the trouble to have it patented. Not so cosmetically elegant? Flipper babies? If anyone knows please tell me.

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