Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland book of Shadows

With the exception of a few glitter bombs this is a great set and deal. I missed out on BoS II and have regretted it ever since. I had the chance to redeem myself with AiW. I had to go to school (for work) at the nearest mall with a sephora right when this came out and I figured I would stop in and ask after school. They had not put them out yet but did have them in. I was the first one to buy from that store. Glad I did as they sold out in 2 days! Yikes! Well I have my new toy and played with it quite a few times already. They shadows are pigmented as typical of UD and go on very buttery if you sweep or pat on. I prefer to pack on the glitter bombs using a wet application to avoid gratuitous fallout. The 24/7s are great, although I find them to be a but smudgy on me but I know they work great on many people YMMV. The UDPP is a must have of mine and I don't wear shadow without it. I'm taking the first train to crease junction otherwise. I really like the variety of colors here but would have loved to see more out there colors and less neutrals.
Just a caveat: This palette does include many colors that we have already seen in other palettes and singles. If you already own a ton of UD shadows you may not want this.

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